Croatia: First Rehearsal Review

Croatia: First Rehearsal Review

Pišu: Krešimir Pavličić & Teddi Cular

Tick – tock, vrijeme curi…

Today our representative at Eurovision 2021, Albina, took the stage for her first rehearsal. The first technical rehearsal lasted 30 minutes, and the second rehearsal is scheduled for May 12 and it will be for 20 minutes.

Before heading to Rotterdam, croatian representative pointed out several times that she and her team tried to cover all the details of the performance and that they are more than ready and excited for this gran moment. Albina is huge Eurovision fan so this is one of her dreams come true.


At the stage Albina will be accompanied by her dancers Luciano Plazibat, Marko Marić, Devin Juraj and Stjepan Cutvarić, while Helena Janjušević is in charge for the choreography.

Karlo Rusan is in charge of her make-up, Zvonimir Franić for her hair, and Stefan Orlić & Juraj Zigman will work together to make sure she’s always dressed to slay. They’re also responsible for the costumes Albina and her dancers are going to wear for their performance.

This year Croatian delegatation went above and beyond to ensure we’re represented in best possible way, so they hired well known Marvin Dietmann, an internationally recognized creative director from Austria, to help with Albina’s staging.

How everything went you can find below!


TEDDI: Putting this article together I loved seeing my colleagues so thrilled and excited because I am too! I think this was one, if not the best, rehearsal of the day. I think the whole futuristic concept of portraying Albina as this “Super Woman” shooting laser lights and dancing through it all is phenomenal. And that hologram with five Albina’s, neon visuals, color play, firework at the end, it’s just so Eurovision and I’m loving it! I liked her Dora performance as well, but this is definitely elevated and it’s more compact and polished. This is very strong and eye catching performance, and Albina’s vocals were on point. However, even though I enjoyed this rehearsal, there is few things that they need to address and smooth out. Albina seemed little “stiff” with her choreography, might be due high heels or because it was first rehearsal, but she didn’t look as confident and comfortable as she did on Dora. She needs to work a little bit on her moves, and “relax” as she seemed tense at the moments. I love more focus on Albina, but I also felt little underwhelmed by boys part of choreography. Camera work was good, there’s few things to polish, especially when boys are carrying Albina, that looked little clumsy and it wasn’t centered. But overall, I’m so excited to see this performance again and I believe that Croatia will fly on neon lights straight to the final! Go Croatia!

ANTE: I just watched her full rehearsal, and I’m in complete shock. The performance was taken to another level! The camera work is amazing, special effects are there, she’s serving. Yes, there’re some things to improve, but I am utterly proud of our girl! I can say that this is our greatest performance at Eurovision ever!

DAVID: Sexy. Flamboyant. Elegant. Albina, along with her dominant dancers, captivated us with incredible choreography, fabulous outfits that differed greatly from the National Final, and stunning motion graphics using the same colour palette as the National Final. Her creative interaction with the LED screens at the start of the performance greatly enhanced the quality of this rehearsal. Slay.

EMILY: I think Albina has given us one of the most unique performances so far. The interaction with the LED (or CGI I honestly couldn’t tell) hasn’t been done too much but yet it was nice to see that. I felt that the choreography was a little basic, and the dancing was a bit stiff, but other than that I think it was a really strong rehearsal, and if it gets perfected I think it is actually going to be a really impressive performance.

JOSIP: I’m so freaking happy they managed to create the PERFECT staging! Everything is so much better than on Dora and I really think we are going through, right to the Final! They just have to perfect some camera angles and it will be TOTAL SLAYAGE!

LANA: Honestly I didn’t expect the costume to be that H-O-T! A little wind in her hair at the beginning of the song – perfect. She looked gorgeous (as usual) and seemed very confident. The fact that the catwalk is her main stage blows my mind! The whole concept and usage of transparent screen was very wisely created. The only thing I miss are the close-ups of Albina’s beautiful face. I hope the camera work gets fixed and improves for her 2nd rehearsal. Choreo is little changed compared to Dora, but it’s great. It is not IN YOUR FACE choreo, it’s just perfectly measured. I’m very proud of the whole team behind this and I think with this, we are on our way to the finals!

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