Daily scoop: Who was the best? (Day 4)

Daily scoop: Who was the best? (Day 4)

Piše: Teddi Cular

Fourth day of rehearsals is behind us and Georgia, Albania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland and Denmark gave their best! But who was the best in our eyes, who was the worst and who really surprised us? Find out at the end of this article!

GEORGIA | Tornike Kipiani – You

JOSIP:  I actually really liked the staging and his vocals, but unfortunately nothing more. I can’t seem to ignore the fact that Tornike looked very grumpy through the whole performance, as if he was angry with his “love”. 

EMILY: Well that was utterly boring, even the music video was more exciting because at least there were things to look at. I dozed off after about 3 seconds. Completely forgettable and will be the performance where everyone watching goes to make a cup of tea.

ALBANIA | Anxhela Peristeri – Karma

TEDDI: Listen ya’ll, I told you. I knew my girl will come to Rotterdam ready and do nothing but complete slayage! I love that she’s alone on the stage and gets all the attention, as real Queen deserves. She kept it simple but yet it’s so effective and powerful. Vocally – she killed it. I loved the whole performance, and ya’ll better move because she’s coming through!

DAVID: This morning’s confident performance by Anxhela was a real treat. Miss Peristeri commanded the Ahoy Stage as if she’d been there for years! She astounded me yet again with her beautiful, powerful resonant vocal. I loved the drama depicted by the stunning colored smoke coming from the stage’s back floor, the great motion graphics design, and the effective use of lighting to strengthen Anxhela’s dramatic appearance. Well done!!

PORTUGAL | The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side

TEDDI: I had my eye on Portugal, not because I like the song, because it’s nowhere to my favorite song this year, but I saw potentional in it’s entirety. And guess what, it happened. They’re telling us a story, and with all features they used on the stage it translated in amazing performance. They have charisma, and watching them perform I completely trust them and I’m buying what they’re selling.

ANTE: Well, this was quite pleasant! I’m not a fan of the song and this was at the very bottom of my list BUT they absolutely elevated the song with this performance! I love this whole jazzy vibe that’s happening on the stage. They used side LEDs wall better than anyone else. Everything just came to life and I believe they’re dark horse of second Semi Final.

BULGARIA | Victoria – Growing up is getting old

TEDDI: I’ll keep it simple – what a visual spectacle this was. This took me somewhere else, on magic carpet ride (a whole new world if you like) and it absolutely got my full attention and I’m not even fan of this song. It was so captivating, intriguing and emotional. I love the staging and the idea behind it. It was very atmospheric, I felt like I’m watching a movie! Everything just came together and I’m sure this will do great.

JOSIP:  I didn’t really like the song when it was first released, but this performance translated song’s lyrics in visual masterpiece. Best camera shots hands down and I love the colors they chose. Victoria’s unique outfit makes this so memorable and SO precious. Straight to top 5!

FINLAND | Blind Channel – Dark Side

ANTE: Give it up for the best performers of the day! Their energy, the vocals, growls… everything matched up perfectly! I’m obsessed with camera work and I absolutely loved how chaotic this whole performance felt( quite like our pre-party, one might say). It kind of reminds me of Hungarian entry in 2018, which was amazing. Boys totally captivated the entire press centre, and I believe they’re charm live audience just as much.

LANA: They’re lucky to perform after Bulgaria because with this power they will wake up everyone! They came to burn Ahoy and set it on fire, and I’m sorry but I’m not going to stop them! Even though they didn’t change the staging, they elevated it and adjusted for this grand stage.

LATVIA | Samanta Tina – The Moon is Rising

EMILY: Oh no, oh, noooooo… that was not good at all. Don’t get me wrong, Samanta’s vocals were DIVINE, but there was absolutely no energy on the stage. Any dancing that did occur was either basic (the ‘parade’ parts) or straight up weird (ie. Samanta trying to become a contortionist). The backing singers added nothing to the performance and it just felt empty, even though you could tell Samanta was giving it her all. I’m severely unimpressed.

JOSIP: I completely disagree with Emily, and I want to thank Latvia for blessing us with these amazing costumes! I absolutely loved the background, I think it blends perfectly with the song. And the pulsing during the para-ra-para-ra-pa-pa-rade part – amazing. Samanta’s vocals were, as always, on point! The moon was definitely rising and it will keep rising!

SWITZERLAND | Gjon’s Tears – Tout L’Univers

LANA: I *clap* loved *clap* this! This is the first performance that gave me BIG winning vibes. I didn’t expect AT ALL that Gjon’s going to have a little choreo going on, but my boy was moving like he just won Dancing with the stars! There’s some room for improvement relating to camera work because camera did him dirty, it was all over the place. I loved close ups of Gjon’s face! This performance was telling us a story with powerful ending! Clever use of lights, everything looked so contemporary and artsy.

DAVID: Gjon’s Tears – beautiful and soft yet resonant vocals spreading shyly between the walls of the Arena brought me to tears. Gjon’s effective yet small choreography elevated the performance to a whole new level.

DENMARK | Fyr Og Flamme – Øve Os På Hinanden

ANTE: Copy and paste, again? I barely have any words for this mediocrity. The song itself is a cheap 80’s ripp off, and the staging does nothing to improve that impression.

LANA: This song always puts a big fat smile on my face! Although I didn’t want them to completely copy paste the whole performance from DMGP, but I enjoyed it. Jesper has more space to show off his super moves and to fool around, and I’m totally feeling it. Choice of colors and lighting makes me feel like I’m back in the 80’s. Amazing way to close the second Semi Final. I’m sure viewers at home will have a much fun as I did watching them today.



This was the most colorful game of favorites we had yet, and it just tells you how good they all were today! But at the end, we voted BULGARIA as our favorite of the day.

On the other hand, we find GEORGIA to be most disappointing rehearsal of the day, and ALBANIA absolutely exceeded all our expectations and surprised us the most!


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