Daily scoop: Who was the best? (Day 3)

Daily scoop: Who was the best? (Day 3)

Piše: Teddi Cular

Third day of rehearsals is behind us and San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Poland, Iceland and Serbia gave their best! But who was the best in our eyes, who was the worst and who really surprised us? Find out at the end of this article!

SAN MARINO | Senhit – Adrenalina

EMILY: Set, costume & dancing is very similar to the music video, the headpiece is ICONIC and just the whole performance was full of energy and fun. I loved the pyro, San Marino really didn’t hold back and I’m in LOVE with it.

TEDDI: She’s like a squirrel on caffeine, and I love it! She didn’t stop hopping, her energy is over the roof! I loved that she managed to make this performance like it’s her concert. The whole visuals just match her personality and her energy. Costume choices are little questionable and I’m not a fan of it, I hope she re-thinks it. Her dancers look like WWE fighters, little creepy. Little more work on getting right angles and she’s set. Overall I think performance was good! Fun, energetic and explosive! Oh, but that headpiece…honey no.

ESTONIA | Uku Suviste – The Lucky One

LANA: I wish my colleagues were as excited about this as much as I was! Uku seems to be struggling in the beginning, but I hope he works on it. But I enjoy “The lucky one” SO much and the staging fits the song perfectly. I also love that he’s alone on the stage, because he’s enough.

EMILY: A storm like this, can make a man – what? That’s not this year? Look, I know Estonia is in the Baltic but there’s only so much you can play on the bad weather. Otherwise the UK would sing about rain every year. It was pretty boring to watch to be honest. 

CZECH REPUBLIC | Benny Cristo – Omaga

JOSIP: I absolutely loved the beginning of this performance and I enjoyed Benny’s stage presence. He’s natural performer and he dominates the stage. No doubt. I like that he has dancers with him and I especially like the end of the song where he just stumbles and sings. It gives me such good vibes.

LANA: Finally we have someone starting off the performance behind the LED! I think it’s such a cool idea. I love OMAGA, it’s in my top five. I might be biased, but I believe that Benny is saving himself for the next rehearsals because we know he has SO much to offer and he has incredible stage presence. He admittedhe forgot about 30% of the choreo, so today was the day for technical part of performance I guess.

GREECE | Stefania – Last Dance

ANTE: My favorite staging today! I absolutely love the idea and the concept they have, and I think it’s so well thought out. Stefania is really young, but yet she looks so confident on the stage! I love that, it makes performance stronger. She’s total power woman, I love her!

TEDDI: Most, if not all, of my colleagues liked this performance but I didn’t. I think it looked cheap. Stefania looked amazing in this dress and her vocals were on point, but whole green screen idea was kind of messy or just unfinished. I also didn’t like retro graphics they chose, and invisible dancers were little of, and they had white suits which didn’t really match with the whole esthetics.

AUSTRIA | Vincent Bueno – Amen

EMILY: I know Vincent has a gut-punching backstory and all, but this was just b-o-r-i-n-g. In my first reaction, I mentioned that there wasn’t much potential for the stage, other than a crow flying around the arena. Well, there wasn’t a crow. Not even on the LED. Vincent sang really well, but he just didn’t do anything. Very disappointing.

LANA: While Emily felt nothing, I had GOOSEBUMPS! This kind of song needs this kind of staging and that’s it! Simplicity here is the key, nothing spectacular but aesthetically pleasing. I love the emotion in Vincent’s voice, loved the lights, LED, smoke and camera work was on point. Everything was just right for me.

POLAND | Rafal – The Ride

ANTE: And he did really came thru! I absolutely loved the 80’s inspired stagining and the choreography is so slick and charming. I don’t understand why people dislike it, he might’ve not been best vocally today but this performance was eye catching for sure. I just really feel he’s a complete package. L-o-v-e-d it.

TEDDI: Besides Ante and myself, the rest of our team didn’t really like this. They said it was too much, and I say it’s Eurovision baby! If you’re not going up and beyond, are you doing it right? I think besides unnecessary pyro (yes I said that) in this already light packed performance, this was amazing. He’s looking sleek, cool, playing with lights and camera so wisely. Vocals were questionable, but the rest was eye candy. He’s a vibe, you know, that cool parent you can hang out with.

MOLDOVA | Natalia Gordienko – Sugar

TEDDI: Did Ice Creams melt on their way to Rotterdam? Or they forgot them in freezer? This song was actually my second favorite and I was so high about this performance that I felt so hard on my butt after seeing it. Nothing worked for me here, it looked static, empty and plain boring. For such song that “Sugar” is, this is just too salty. Did someone accidentally poured 5 kilos of salt in her cake? Where’s all the fun from music video? Also, BIG THING, Natalia is always smiling, always looking so cheerful – what happened today? She was so tense, she seemed like she’d rather be anywhere else but on this stage. I don’t know, I need to recover from this. I like my dessert sweet.

JOSIP: Please… please stop with neon background! I can’t take another neon light. But moving on – this doesn’t fit Moldova’s Sugar at all! Where’s the sugar? Who do I talk to about sugar? Natalia was so stiff and emotionless during her performance, and it really bothers me. I honestly hope it’s the stage fright taking its toll. I really liked the music video of Sugar and they should’ve gone for that type of staging. Unfortunately, I’m not sure about how sweet this is anymore.

ICELAND | Daði og Gagnamagnið – Ten years

LANA: I love the galaxy theme here that switches to disco in the chorus! The iconic choreo is here, their well known outfits and funky instruments. Overall very cute performance and cool usage of transparent screen and both stages. Again, blue and pink visuals, I wonder if that’s all that Ahoy is offering them?

JOSIP: Oh my God, this staging is EVERYTHING! I liked 10 years but this performance elevated the whole song! It’s so good! Dadi is so charismatic and I live for their costumes. I think it gives them that charming factor. Brilliant use of the transparent screen and whole performance build-up.

SERBIA | Hurricane – Loco Loco

EMILY: I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this! The girls sang extremely well, especially given the amount of dancing they were doing. It is a hard job to make the stage feel alive with just 3 of you, but they really did it! The outfits and movement was just so sexy and Hurricane just don’t need anybody else.

LANA: Definitely the most complete and the most energetic rehearsal of the day! I love that they’re wearing cool black costumes and not some neon – – – – like they did in their music video. They look fabulous, they owned the stage, and they were vocally amazing. Love the idea and concept of performance as well. Also, shout out to serbian back vocalists who ALWAYS do a fantastic job! Well done!



If you ask us, we think SERBIA had the best rehearsal today, while we find MOLDOVA to be most disappointing rehearsal of the day. However, AUSTRIA was our biggest surprise today!

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