Daily scoop: Who was the best? (Day 2)

Daily scoop: Who was the best? (Day 2)

Piše: Teddi Cular

Second day of rehearsals is behind is and Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malta gave their best! But who was the best in our eyes, who was the worst and who really surprised us? Find out at the end of this article!

CYPRUS | Elena – El Diablo

TEDDI: For some reason I feared how Elena is going to sound, but vocally she was great! Staging was surprisingly simple, I expected to see El Diablo himself but El Diablo never came. Guess he was busy in hell! Even though I think staging and performance was nice, I didn’t find it interesting enough. It was decent, nice, but nothing memorable or captivating about it. It looked like something we’ve seen many times before, recycled. Performance despertly need more camera cuts to make it more dynamic. What I liked the most was that she looked very confident!

DAVID: Sexy.

LANA: I liked this performance so much and Elena sounded amazing. A lot of red going on, which is suitable of course, because, you know – El diablo. She was gorgeous and I like the contrast between her and the devilish dancers in red. But you can tell it’s Cyprus performing. A female singer singing a pop banger with four dancers is something that became Cypriot trademark and I’m here for it.

NORWAY | TIX – Fallen Angel

JOSIP: Norway decided not to change their National Final performance. I liked the golden lighting at the end of the song, and I really liked white and blue light beams during the whole performance. The LED display has to be more bright in my opinion because it all looks too dark.

EMILY: I mean Norway might win the competition for most similar to the National Final performance. The only change is that there are 2 less demons and the vocals were a bit weaker. I hope he can maybe steam his voice and do a few more warmups for a stronger vocal performance because the staging really isn’t pushing them into the final

ANTE: Norway sticks to the same old performance. Honestly I’m a little bit impressed. They did do a smoother transition towards the end of the song. This way we can feel the emotions a bit more, and it makes a great impact on the viewers.

CROATIA | Albina – Tick Tock

As Croatian Eurovision Club, we reviewed and gave Albina’s performance a little more attention. You can find what we thought about it on this link: FIRST REHEARSAL: CROATIA (REVIEW).

BELGIUM | Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place

JOSIP: I don’t really like this year’s Belgian entry, but I do love one thing about Hooverphonic – their spooky and mysterious mood they can easily create and translate to viewers. Since they managed to do that, I guess I’m satisfied. However, I still don’t see this in the Final.

LANA: I guess I am the only one amazed by Hooverphonic’s energy here. The performance SCREAMS quality and class! I absolutely love the simplicity in this performance because it’s what’s gonna make them stand out in a Semi Final full of uptempo bops. Geike has this gorgeous dress and is vocally flawless. I love that they are wearing all black and are positioned on these black platforms. ALTHOUGH, I think that she should be standing on the platform as well but hey… Camera sometimes struggles to catch her moments so I hope they work on that. I also hope for more dramatic camera shots in upcoming rehearsals.  And her face on the LED needs to go. But I’m in love. 

ANTE: Vocals are amazing and that’s about how amazing it gets.

ISRAEL | Eden Alene – Set Me Free

TEDDI: I actually really enjoyed this performance! Maybe that’s because I had zero expectations. I liked choreography, the stage, lights, but however they need to smooth out and get right some camera angles for better transmission to the viewers at home.

EMILY: I enjoyed this rehearsal because I could see improvements. I thought it was funny that Eden seemed to be slightly off key in some of the verses and choruses, but when she had her big belt and whistle notes, she hit them perfectly! The choreography was good, but I wish there was some more inventive set design. The outfit change is brilliant and SO SEXY.

LANA: I was let down by this. Eden hits the whistle note, great! But there is too much going on maybe? The choreo is all over the place, but maybe it’s just bad camera shots. I really miss the BOOM camera shot when the beat drops in chorus. It is moving too slow for a song that’s this uptempo. Dress reveal was cool moment.

ROMANIA | Roxen – Amnesia

JOSIP: Amnesia is definitely a grower for me! However, I was really let down when I heard her vocals. I don’t know if she wasn’t feeling well or she’s having amnesia?, but it’s a factor that definitely needs A LOT of improvement! Love the choreography idea though.

EMILY:  I LOVED the staging and choreo on this. The set didn’t have much to it, but it didn’t need to. It is basically a stage version of the music video, it tells the story so well and is so artistic. However, all of the movement seemed to be a bit of a struggle for Roxen, she severely lacked breath control- but this may have been due to her being sick, which she definitely was because her singing was just not up to scratch. I felt SO bad for her, I just wanted to give her a hug and make her some lemon and honey tea haha. I really hope she gets better in time for the semi.

ANTE: I guess Roxen is sick? So that’s why the vocal performance wasn’t exactly on point? Not a fan of the staging either, however i do love the choreography.

AZERBAIJAN | Efendi – Mata Hari

TEDDI: It hurts. This is one of my favorites and I was so let down with this static performance. I’m not a fan of this stage concept, I don’t quite get it. The colors are awful and this golden ball/snake/burning planet LED is not working for me. If performance will be static and at one same spot, it needs REALLY good camera work – that we didn’t get.. Too many wide shots just make stage huge and Efendi disappear. I would love more dance and some nice ethnic elements to the performance.

LANA: Loving the outfits but Efendi looks weird in it. I think the bright blue and pink visuals are not the best choice either. It would look so much better if it was only gold theme on LED, just like in music video. I’m also distracted by wide shots in the moments where I really wanna see the choreo. The one thing that’s missing here – FIRE.

DAVID: This is absolutely stunning! They adapted parts of the music video for the Ahoy Stage and gave them an artistic twist. I adore how they effectively used elegant choreography, slick outfits, and simply magnificent motion graphics on LED screens to transform their culture into a tree minute stage piece. Piece of art!

UKRAINE | Go_A – Shum

JOSIP: Go_A really seem to be authentic every time, don’t they? I absolutely love their theme and costumes, but these crazy dance moves the most!

EMILY: Oh, Ukraine. This was unbelievable! The dancing was EPIC, the props looked super cool, the set was unique and pretty, the vocals were flawless, the camera angles were funky, the entire performance just SLAYED. I am in awe, this is 100% the one to watch this year… they could be sneaking up the leaderboard before you know it.

ANTE: What an amazing performance. Honestly they surprised me the most today. I cannot even begin to describe it! This transcends me in another dimension, very impressive camera work, and the stage concept was well thought out.

MALTA | Destiny – Je Me Casse

TEDDI: Honestly, I hated it. I was supper annoyed by these boots slipping of her legs every time she makes little move. I didn’t like this whole pink scene and the whole performance was just about camera work. Not impressed at all. It was very static, unoriginal and – plain boring. Nothing about this performance was as interesting as I expected.

LANA: I don’t know what I expected, but this was kinda simple. I love pink outfits and by camera shots you can tell it was created by Sacha Jean-Baptiste. But if there wasn’t such cool camera work, this would have been just another nice and makes-me-wanna-dance-a-little performance. Not getting a winning performance vibes. 

DAVID: Very classy and sassy! This performance has a strong feminist attitude which is a culmination of fabulous pink outfit with diamond details, slick boots, sexy choreography, beautiful choral harmonies and her astonishing resonant vocal intertwined with her FABULOUS stage presence.



If you ask us, we think UKRAINE had the best rehearsal today, while we find MALTA & NORWAY to be most disappointing rehearsal of the day. CROATIA was biggest surprise today!

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