Daily scoop: Who was the best out of Big 5 + The Netherlands? (Day 6)

Daily scoop: Who was the best out of Big 5 + The Netherlands? (Day 6)

Piše: Teddi Cular

Sixth day of rehearsals is behind us and Big 5 ( Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Spain ) + The Netherlands gave their best! But who was the best in our eyes, who was the worst and who really surprised us? Find out at the end of this article!

ITALY | Maneskin – Zitti e buoni

LANA: : There are no words to describe how spectacular this rehearsal was! They demonstrated once again how talented they are! I absolutely love the LED with their shadows on, the lights, camera shots, just everything honestly. Ethan is perfectly positioned on that platform ( a must have prop for a drummer in a rock band), it’s simple, but so effective! They didn’t come to compete, they came to collect that trophy! That pyro during the outtro literally lit up entire arena and gave me some serious winning vibes!

ANTE: I really liked this song even before the rehearsals, but now I LOVE it. The energy Maneskin has is impeccable. They stun entire arena with their performance, and literally lit up the room! I love how they acted so natural on the stage, like it’s what they were born to do, almost as if this is actually just another gig. Piece of cake! I got big winner vibes throughout their rehearsal and honestly, I can see this doing very well!

GERMANY | Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate

TEDDI: This was just so much fun! He came to have fun, to spread love and positivity, and that’s exactly what he’s doing! I’m totally here for it!

EMILY: Now THIS is how you stage!! Jendrik just has the most precious personality, and you can tell it in his stage presence. He is so full of positivity and energy, and I’m obsessed with the middle finger. The LED was really awesome with colour explosions and hate words being blown up, and the tap break and ukulele showed just how talented he is. I’m obsessed with this happy, uplifting, crazy performance.

THE NETHERLANDS | Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age

TEDDI: I love this staging, and I actually like weird outfits. This songs sends different vibe and is taking me somewhere that I don’t even know where. I’m letting that to sink in. I think this was fun and vibrant performance.

JOSIP: Barbara Dex alert! I like solo dancer’s outfit though, but the rest is fashion crime. To be honest I never really paid attention to this song or it’s message but watching this rehearsal I totally get it now! I think it’s a beautiful message and LED back screen was used accordingly and it looks great. I especially liked floral theme.

FRANCE | Barbara Pravi – Voila

TEDDI: Did we just watch Eurovision 2021 winner or what? Simple but yet effective, she didn’t stray too far from her National Final’s performance and yet it felt refreshing. It was just so beautiful, but you don’t need much when you have a song like this! Barbara knows how to tell a story, she knows how to give emotion and make you feel every bits of what she’s feeling. I loved every second of this, and I could watch this over and over again.

LANA: They did an amazing job with translating the whole idea on this big stage. The bird effect was one of the highlights for me, it was simply so beautiful and effective. Barbara’s emotion is out of this world! She’s just serving every emotion human body can feel. I said it when I first heard this song and I am not changing my mind – this is a serious victory contender!

SPAIN | Blas Cantó – Voy A Quedarme

LANA:  Blas starts his song in acapella and gives me instant chills all over my body. His voice is beautiful and the revamp is good, but I prefer the original version to which I feel more connected to. For me, this whole performance lacks intimacy and emotion, and singing ballad you have to deliver that. The moon prop is a bit random, but it looks nice when they’re showing a wide shot.

ANTE: This was a very intimate performance. Even thoughI loved the blue setting, I wouldn’t vote for it. Blas is very engaging with the camera, and I absolutely think some people are gonna love it, but not me though.

UNITED KINGDOM | James Newman – Embers

JOSIP: James really overloaded us with horns, trombones and all other instruments. I like Embers and I think the staging is totally suitable for this song. I love that camera shot where he’s surrounded with laser lights and only little light is shining above him. Power house! However, they have to tune down back vocalists because they totally overshadowed James’ beautiful voice.

EMILY: I don’t really know what I was expecting, I was kind of happy but disappointed at the same time. James’ vocals were great so that isn’t where my dissatisfaction lies. While I’m really glad that they made use of the dance break by having dancers playing the trumpet, and they had more set than a lot of artists this year, I just felt that the energy was low. James is so lovely but his body language and stage presence was just not there. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love the staging as much as I love the song.


EMILYFranceUnited KingdomGermany
LANAItalyUnited KingdomThe Netherlands
ANTEItalyUnited KingdomGermany
TEDDIFranceUnited KingdomItaly

Our favorite of the day was FRANCE, while we find UNITED KINGDOM to be most disappointing rehearsal of the day. Our biggest surprise today was GERMANY!


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