First Semi Final Review: Who had the best second rehearsal? (Day 6)

First Semi Final Review: Who had the best second rehearsal? (Day 6)

Piše: Teddi Cular

It’s a wrap for First Semi Final! All countries from the First Semi Final had their second rehearsal and while some didn’t do quite as good as expected, others improved and polished their performances.


1. AZERBAIJAN | Efendi – Mata Hari

Maybe because she’s one of my favorites this year so I had high expectations, but Efendi’s first rehearsals left me quite underwhelmed. However, she learned and she served! Second rehearsal was much better, they put missing pieces together and we finally had fire which was very needed element to this performance! She seemed more relaxed and she was moving more. Big thing here are right camera angles, and I’m glad to see they worked it out. Overall I think this might be biggest improvement!

2. CROATIA | Albina – Tick Tock

Albina really improved her performance if we compare it to her first rehearsal. She seems more comfortable on the stage. Camera angles are fixed and the whole performance seems well put together. While some might say she looks like she’s lip syncing (due her pre recorded back vocals) I think she sounded great. The feeling I get from watching Albina performing it’s like watching world’s superstar having her own concert. Albina didn’t come to play, she came to show what she’s made!

3. AUSTRALIA | Montaigne – Technicolour

As we all know by now, unfortunately Montaigne won’t be able to travel to Rotterdam so we’ll be watching her Live On Tape performance. We had look into it and let me tell you – it looks amazing. They used given stage so wisely and I think it works! All the light work, her vocals and her energy, it all comes together! Pleasanty surprised!


  1. ROMANIA | Roxen – Amnesia

This is just not coming together unfortunately. I like the whole idea of this staging, but Roxen looks very odd on the stage and her vocals are still very shaky. Maybe she just can’t deliver this song after all, or she’s saving herself as a big surprise. There’s not much to say but to hope this get’s better.

2. NORTH MACEDONIA | Vasil – Here I Stand

This song just sits low, even though you can see how much Vasil loves this song and with his desire to bring this to another level it’s just not coming together. Performance doesn’t make a lot sense to me still, it looks like individual ideas put together rather than a story and I really have issue with that. It lacks smooth transition. I miss power in his voice that he had in his studio version. I don’t think this looked much different than his first rehearsal at all, still messy.

But, who do you think had their best second rehearsal? Let us know!


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