Rotterdam 2021: Rehearsals coverage – LIVE UPDATES (Day 2)

Rotterdam 2021: Rehearsals coverage – LIVE UPDATES (Day 2)

Piše: Teddi Cular

#OPENUP as we continue with our rehearsal coverage! Today nine countries will step on Eurovision stage for their first rehearsal!

Let us at HEK (Croatian Eurovision Club) be your eyes and ears this Eurovision month. We’re bringing you full coverage on all our networks: Teddi will be live updating you right here on our Website, Lana & Ante will take over Twitter, Emily will take over our YouTube for daily videos and you can catch up with Dominik & Luka on our Instagram!

After each day all of us will sum our first impressions and give our final opinion, so remember to follow us and always be in sync!

MAY 9: SUNDAY – Who is rehearsing today?

10:00 – 10:30 – Cyprus

10:40 – 11:10 – Norway

11:20 – 11:50 – Croatia

12:00 – 12:30 – Belgium


13:40 – 14:10 – Israel

14:20 – 14:50 – Romania

15:00 – 15:30 – Azerbaijan


16:00 – 16:30 – Ukraine

16:40 – 17:10 – Malta


[LIVE UPDATE] – 10:11 Good morning Europe! Second day of rehearsals is about to kick off! First to step on Eurovision stage today is Cyprus! Not only she’s a singer, she’s also a voice actress! Did you know you can hear Elena’s voice in several animated movies?

[LIVE UPDATE] – 10:30 Elena is vocally great! Staging is quite simple but it works! There’s only big mirror (again) in background that reflects performance and makes it look more fuller. She opens with lying on the floor and reflecting in the mirror, wearing club silver fringe dress and is later accompanied by four dancer in red leather jumpsuits. Stage is mostly red, with occasional black and white moving stripes. There’s some camera work that needs to be worked on and polished, maybe more cuts to make it more dynamic, but overall it was good rehearsal! She looked very confident!

[LIVE UPDATE] 10:44 – Next up is our angel from Norway! Did you know that Tix co-wrote Ava Max’s hit single “Sweet But Psycho”?

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:06 – Same performance as we watched at MGP, just adjusted for bigger stage. TIX kept his four devils who keep him in chains until end, but he did upgrade his outfit a little bit. Now he’s wearing sparkle T-shirt and pants and then same white fur coat and famous wings. There’s also pyro and lot of smoke! For me everything works all together, even the wings, it sells the story. I can see this qualifying, and I hope it will! Vocally he was great.

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:15 – Next is our girl from Croatia! Albina is a big fan of Spanish language and music! She even has a tattoo in Spanish, and her dream collaboration would be with Spanish pop star Aitana! Goodluck Albina!

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:55 – Albina at it! Albina got her four dancers with her! Compared to Dora, this performance was more of Albina and less of dancers. She starts with shooting laser lights, looking like a Super Girl. She had some parts where all focus was on her (as she deserves)! However, she did seem a little insecure about her dancing skills, and little tense, but this was her first rehearsal so I can look over that and hope she improves there. Lots of purple and blue as expected! There’s also a firework at the end when she sings in croatian, which is a really nice touch! Albina is playing with augmented reality, and at some point we see five Albina’s. Costumes are great, her costume looks very futuristic, she’s wearing big shoulder body suit with pink elements and stones. I think Croatia is going for all or nothing this year! Performance definitely needs more polishing but overall I think they’re on good start! Great camera work, probably the best we’ve seen today.

[LIVE UPDATE] 12:05 – Next is Belgium! Did you know they performed at the opening ceremony of Euro 2000 in front of 50.000 people?

[LIVE UPDATE] 12:20 – Very intimate and simple staging for Belgium. Everything is black with dimmed lights. Band stands on four square platforms, and Geike is in simple sparkly black dress standing in the middle. Not much of movement but lots of camera work and eye contact, which makes it more personal. They also took advantage of that middle LED screen and we can see Geike’s face on it in black and white. I think this was a good rehearsal, Geike was vocally strong, I just worry they’ll be overlooked between two dynamic performances from Croatia and Israel, and I see that as their biggest disadvantage.

[LIVE UPDATE] 12:36 – Let’s grab some lunch! We’ll be back at 13:40!

[LIVE UPDATE] 13:38 – We’re back! Next one is Israel! Fun fact about Eden, she served in the Israeli Defense Forces, and while there she was lead vocalist in the Israel Defence Forces band!

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:05 – I actually really enjoyed this performance! Eden is on the stage with five dancers, they all wear matching white/black outfits. She starts on the main stage but then walks to smaller one with dancers. She also used middle LED screen that projects neon-like herself. Blue and purple color are dominating with neon triangle shapes all over the stage. At the end she had a costume change where she switches to sexy black cocktail dress. Some extra work to get right camera angles is needed.

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:15 – Next up – Romania! Here’s one irrelevant but cute fact, Roxen is huuuuuuge cat person, she owns SEVEN cats!

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:50 -Performance is very minimalistic, very well translated from her music video to the stage. Very melancholic feel. She starts in lot of smoke with five dancers raising from the ground. Scene is blue and shadows on backdrop wall look like they’re trying to get to Roxen. Choreography is absolutely beautiful and on point. She moves around and “runs” from her “demons“, and at the end scene translates to orange color, which I assume symbolizes sunrise and the end of it. Roxen struggled a lot with her vocals. He voice was shaky and she seemed to be out of breath. I don’t know if something happened or if she’s sick, but her vocals were nowhere good.

[LIVE UPDATE] 15:00 – Bring some water because fire from Azerbaijan is about to hit the stage! Probably biggest dessert lover this year, Efendi even has her own cake shop in Baku!

[LIVE UPDATE] 15:20 – Efendi is sharing stage with four female dancers, all of them having black costumes. I must admit, I’m not a fan of stage concept, I don’t quite get it. It’s pretty simple, golden ball behind her on LED screen eventually catches on fire and later a snake is “born”? At the end that same ball explodes and turns to be an eye. Colors dominating are gold, emerald and purple. Nothing crazy is happening on the stage. I expected more camera work, more dance and some nice ethnic elements to the performance. Performance misses dynamic, and energy, but she was vocally strong! Everything seemed very static. At the moments stage looks too big and empty because of wide camera work. Please get rid of that.

[LIVE UPDATE] 15:30 – Break time! We’re back at 16:00!

[LIVE UPDATE] 16:00 – Two countries left for today. Ukraine is next! Did you know that Go_A actually means “go back to your roots”!

[LIVE UPDATE] 16:20 – What a performance! The best one yet! My colleagues used word “COLLAPSE”. Go_A is accompanied by two male dancers who play with ring lights standing on white platform surrounded by white trees. She’s wearing a green fur jacket and the rest of band is in white. Absolutely well thought, dynamic and energy filled performance! Lot’s of 3D play which brings whole stage to another level! Probably the best one so far! Forgive me if I make no sense, I’m absolutely blown away. This whole performance is so well produced, with many different angles and brilliant camera work! Vocally, she’s flawless.

[LIVE UPDATE] 16:40 – Last rehearsal for today – Malta! Fact about Destiny – she was awarded the Medal for Service to the Republic, one of the highest of Maltese civilian honours, for their astounding victory at Junior Eurovision!

[LIVE UPDATE] 17:05 – Lady with killer vocals just killed. In provocative pink costume with four ladies by her side, Destiny served us sas and class! It’s pink explosion on the stage with moments of bright yellow/green-ish. Destiny starts her performance on platform holding onto ballet pole, and by the end she steps down along her dancers. She doesn’t dance much, she mostly relies on camera cuts. At the end there’s pyro rain. I personally didn’t find this performance as interesting as I expected I would.

Thank you all for joining me today, and catch me again tomorrow at 10:00 CET!

Stay tuned because every day at 20:00 CET we’re bringing you our top picks from rehearsals!


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