Rotterdam 2021: Rehearsals coverage – Live Updates (Day 4)

Rotterdam 2021: Rehearsals coverage – Live Updates (Day 4)

Piše: Teddi Cular

#OPENUP as we continue with our rehearsal coverage! Today another eight countries from Second Semi Final will step on Eurovision stage for their first rehearsal!

Let us at HEK (Croatian Eurovision Club) be your eyes and ears this Eurovision month. We’re bringing you full coverage on all our networks: Teddi will be live updating you right here on our Website, Lana & Ante will take over Twitter, Emily will take over our YouTube for daily videos and you can catch up with Dominik & Luka on our Instagram!

After each day all of us will sum our first impressions and give our final opinion, so remember to follow us and always be in sync!

MAY 11: TUESDAY – Who is rehearsing today?

10:00 – 10:30 – Georgia

10:40 – 11:10 – Albania

11:20 – 11:50 – Portugal

12:00 – 12:30 – Bulgaria


13:40 – 14:10 – Finland

14:20 – 14:50 – Latvia

15:00 – 15:30 – Switzerland

16:40 – 16:10 – Denmark


[LIVE UPDATE] 10:00 Good morning everyone! It’s last day of first rehearsals for countries from Semi Finals! Today we’re kicking off with Georgia! Fun fact, he formed his first band at the age of 19!

[LIVE UPDATE] 10:23 Pretty simple staging for Georgia. Tornike opens performance walking through open LED screen, he’s wearing just black pants and white shirt. Stage is in dark blue with smoke projecting on back LED screen. At one point he sits on the box that’s on the stage and words are projected over his body. Very mininimalistic approach here. Good camera angles in my opinion. He was great vocally, but nothing captivating about this performance.

[LIVE UPDATE] 10:35 Next to step on the stage is Albania! We all know how beautiful Anxhela is, but did you know that she actually competed in Miss Albania? Queen!

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:03 Anxhela is alone on the stage, all attention on the Queen. She’s wearing short sexy silver outfit and it’s hot! Also very minimalistic stage approach but yet effective. Stage is dark with lots of red and blue smoke being displayed on LED in right moments to make it more dramatic, and there’s play with her silhuette. As expected, red color is dominating. At the end stage is white and bright, with real smoke! Very effective. Anxhela was vocally superb!

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:12 Next one is Portugal! Five members formed this group in 2010.

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:39 Black and white, one more minimalistic staging but it fits this song just fine. Later on color is back on, mostly blue with womans face on back LED. Scene then looks like 3D street with post lamps and vocalist walks over to the smaller stage and plays guitar. Gold color takes over the stage, giving me elegant 60’s style vibe and it adds more depth to the performance. I think this looked very nice.

[LIVE UPDATE] 11:57 It’s time for Bulgaria! Victoria is huge animal lover. She adopted several dogs on her own and she also has a parrot and two rabbits.

[LIVE UPDATE] 12: 26 What a visual spectacle. This took me somewhere else, somewhere outside this world, it absolutely got my full attention and I’m not even fan of this song. It’s just so captivating and emotional. Victoria is wearing oversized shirt, sitting on something that looks like some sort of a rock floating on the water. There’s also a photo of her dad and herself that she keeps looking at through out performance. All around her we see stary night sky, which was so beautifully executed. I love the whole scene, very atmospheric, it was like watching a movie! She sounded amazing, and I really enjoyed this whole performance from the start to the end.

[LIVE UPDATE] 12:30 Time for lunch! We’re back in an hour. 🙂

[LIVE UPDATE] 13:40 There’s only four more countries left for today, and we’re back with Blind Channel from Finland! Did you know what their hometown dedicated a scholarship program to them?

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:02 They kept the same concept from their National Final, but it looks more polished and has better camera work. A lot of great camera work actually. I loved fast moving camera and upside down shots. They open performance with camera being upside down while scene is in blue color but soon turns to red. Really great light work which helped us feel the atmosphere boys were creating. They sounded great and they looked very comfortable on the stage.

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:10 The moon is rising, the Queen from Latvia has arrived for her rehearsal. She made six previous attempts at the Latvian national final

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:44 Girl power on the stage! Samanta is opening with her back to the camera, wearing long green dress. She has golden/yellow visuals and we see something like some sort of futuristic flower, I don’t know how to describe it, both on LED screen and on the floor. She kept her dance moves, which I find super cool and at some point we see her ‘hand crown’ floating above. Vocally she was great. However, I’m not that impressed by this performance. Something was missing and I wasn’t a fan neither of graphics or the outfits.

[LIVE UPDATE] 14:57 – Eurovision fan from a young age, he was on Albania’s Got Talent, he was on Switzerland’s Got Talent, he reached the semi-final on The Voice France and now he’s here to win, Gjon’s Tears from Switzerland is about to try Eurovision stage for the first time.

[LIVE UPDATE] 15:34 I just got first winner vibes thus far. Simply amazing! He’s standing on some unique abstract white platform with highs and lows. He also does a lot of hand gestures, and some sensible body moves. Scene is dark and focused on him and this platform, with some flashing lights and white vibrations on LED screen. I absolutely love – love – love close shots, and there’s MANY. It makes it more dramatic and intimate. At the end platform splits in parts, leaving him on one. Vocally, he’s superb! But, there’s a lot of polishing that needs to be done considering camera work. Many camera cuts require a lot of precision. But, this is just amazing.

[LIVE UPDATE] 15:41 Last but not least, Denmark! Let’s see what they got for us. More neon lights?

[LIVE UPDATE] 10:06 Copy paste from their National Final. Literally everything. You can just look it up on YouTube and that’s it. I like it though.

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