Second Semi Final Review: Who had the best second rehearsal? (Day 7)

Second Semi Final Review: Who had the best second rehearsal? (Day 7)

Piše: Teddi Cular

We had a look into second rehearsal of all seventeen countries from the Second Semi Final and now we can slowly start making our predictions. But before we jump there, let’s talk about who polished and improved their performances and about those who’re still figuring it out.


  1. AUSTRIA | Vincent Bueno – Amen

This is probably my least favorite song of the year, but the staging! Even his first rehearsal was amazing so he little to nothing to improve. He gives us such theatrical experience, simple staging but yet so effective. He’s extremely good at translating his emotions, and even though I don’t listen to this song, I believe him. I really enjoyed watching this whole performance, it had my full attention. There are better songs this year, but it’s hard to imagine this not qualifying.

  1. PORTUGAL | The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side

I’m putting them both as my number one. You know what’s funny, two of my least favorite songs this year are my two favorite rehearsals. That’s how much impact visual performance has! Both Austria and Portugal were my definite non-qualifiers, but not anymore. The Black Mamba looks and sounds amazing on the stage. The story they tell translates so beautifully into this staging. It’s perfectly measured, classy and slick. The LED, lights, stage presence… everything works. It’s just a beautiful performance. While some others artists with better songs let us down with their staging and live performance, Portugal used it wisely and elevated the song nobody really cared about. They are on their way to the Finals!


  1. CZECH REPUBLIC | Benny Cristo – Omaga

I’m sorry but this is just not getting together. Same issues that I’ve mentioned in my review after his first rehearsal are still present. Charm Benny had in his music video is gone and he’s just stumbling through, almost like he’s waiting for rehearsal to end. He’s energy level is so low, or he’s not giving us his all just yet, but in any way, it doesn’t look good for Czech Republic.

2. FINLAND | Blind Channel – Dark Side

I’m afraid Italy will drain Finland of the votes. But that’s a battle that we will be watching in the Finals. While I’m not worried about their qualification, their last rehearsal wasn’t the greatest to start with. Besides great energy, I felt like it was little too much of everything, especially the light. They need to take it down a notch because it’s crazy and at some moments red light just swallows them.

But, who do you think had their best second rehearsal? Vote in our all below!


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